Monday, March 21, 2011

Parent - Grandparent Survey

Dear Parents, Grandparents and, Teachers who care about children,

April 3, 2011, I begin full-time putting The Grandparent Textbook together with my co-authors, Adele Steinmetz and Jane Nelsen. I am thrilled to block out 6 weeks to do it. I am asking for your support and contribution.

Would you be willing to reflect on grandparents and grandparenting and share your wisdom with me in a return email before April Fool’s Day?

Some ideas:

What names do you call grandparents you are related to? Who gave that name to the grandparent?

How many grandparents do your children have?

How many grandparents do your grandchildren have?

What do you especially cherish about the people who grandparent your children or who grandparented you?

What do you wish your grandparents had done or been for you, and for your children?

How do you plan to be as a grandparent? or how do you relate to your grandchildren – specifically and generally?

What are some of the grandparent issues you need help with?

What great or tragic stories do you have to share?

Grandparents. What are your greatest concerns about the way your grandchildren are parented?

Parents. What are the challenges you have regarding the way your parents treat your children?

How does this impact your now adult relationships?

What other crucial issues do you agree on, or not?

How do you think the 3 or 4 generations could best work together? Any tips to share that might enhance relationships between generations?

Anything else you'd like to share?

Would you be willing to forward this to anyone else who might be interested in contributing?

Would you like to be named in the book for your contribution?

Do I have your permission?

Positive Discipline booster shots

As I prepare to leave for 6 weeks of writing The Grandparenting Textbook in Mexico I want to provide this resource to sustain us all. As we all know there is no falling off the wagon. We need to stay on our game. I thought this would help.

I'll be back mid May.

I so look forward to your responses! Thank you very much!

With love,


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